The Founder President- Shri. Pandit Vedamurthy Basavayyashastriji Hiremath


“My aim is to develop a teacher who always believes that Failure is not the worst thing in the world. but the very worst is not to try.”

The most eminent Educationist and philanthropic entrepreneur and Great Astrologer of North Karnataka and Ganitacharya of, Pandit Vedamurthy Basavayyashastriji Hiremath is the Founder, Chairman of J.C.S Educational Trust (R) Gadag The Trust was specifically established to impart sustainable education to all.

Reaching the present position he holds has not been easy and has involved a lot of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. He is retired Headmaster in Government Primary School and Established this Trust is running on the donations of many donors

During his Religious service, Pandit Vedamurthy Basavayyashastriji Hiremath has been privileged to meet several top leaders of the State as well as Swamijis and discuss with them some of the problems about the development of the Religion and Astrology

Principal’s Message

The purpose of Education is to help the individual to develop a well-balanced personality as well as to help the child to acquire the knowledge, skills, and emotions.

The main emphasis of the school in the past was limited to knowledge and skills but now we have to concentrate on the emotional development of the child along with knowledge and skills. It is the time to recognize the necessity of giving attention at the same time to the problems of personal as well as social adjustment of the individual. This has an impact on the bearing upon the effectiveness of learning in school situations. The teacher of today needs to be trained with new technology and methods.

So the responsibility of preparing such teachers who shape the all-round personality of a child lies in the college of education. As one such college, we are trying to train the teachers.

Our College Of Education is dedicated to training the teachers with its clear vision and mission.

I hereby welcome the novice to the field of teaching with warm wishes.



Shastriji Residential College of Education For Women Gadag-582103

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